meet the squad

Jason Tsui

Lead Designer and Business Development

With over a decade of experience in business development spanning multiple industries, Jason Tsui uses an interdisciplinary approach when planning and structuring the development of clients’ internet presence and initiatives. The result: a stronger basis for real, long-term success.

Areas of Expertise:
Branding and Identity, Business Development and Implementation, Strategic Web Initiatives and Deployment, Copy Writing, Business Plan Writing, SEO, SEM…. Oh, Jason also does the web and graphic design.

Gustavo Moro

Partner/Lead Developer

Educated at Oxford and self-taught development guru.

“I’ve been programming for 30 years… and I play chess incessantly. I live, breathe and sleep in code. Open source!”

Areas of Expertise:
PHP, Jquery, MySQL, blah, blah, blah

Works with:
WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Oscommerce, anything that has a development environment.

The Rest of the Posse

Fernando Castello

Designer & Illustrator

Art is life and this man’s life is art. Loves to paint (oil & acrylic). Loves to draw (with pencils & sticks). Loves to love (with passion and hugs). Helps Jason with design when Jason is too busy. Favorite fictional character: The Fabio guy on the romance novel covers… wait, he’s real.

Yasmyn Andrade

Social Media Specialist

Creating a strong connection between target audiences and select brands through strategic social media marketing planning is what Yasmyn does best. By the way, she also skimboards, models, plays soccer and generally boogies down to drive your traffic and conversions up.

Adrian Li

General Counsel

Specializing in intellectual property and general legal matters with an educational background in Law and marketing communications, Adrian is like a Clark Kent that works at a law firm with the exception that he grew up in Canada not Smallville. Adrian also moonlights as Speedracer… sorta.