Web development is other half of web design. Function springing from form and oftimes affecting form as much as other leads to function. We’ve developed custom scripts, contributed plug-ins to various open source community libraries and created custom solutions for clients across different industries. Our development is lead by someone who knows code as old as Fortran and even some more antiquated than that. That said, we know the relentless march of code evolution and stay on top of the wave. We keep our managed services up to date, because we have to keep you on top.

With a group comprised of team players dedicated to project management, development and programming, business analysis and marketing consulting, your web and internet assets can be managed efficiently, quickly and cost effectively. InvidMedia provides web and internet services spanning many industries and organizations from tier one electronics retail to educational organizations such as UC, Davis. This spread of eclectic clients has give us valuable experience in the focus of designing what your business needs and who you are targeting as much as it has given us spot on timing in terms of project deliverables. Our value proposition lies in our consolidation of web development with marketing services that work with your business to create a successful web presence. Contact us today is see how well we’ll fit within your budget and deadline requirements.