We’re all organic! It’s about higher traffic with higher click throughs and conversions. It’s about a bit of science and a lot of creativity in copy and content. It’s only good when results are produced. It’s only better when the results are yours. Our SEO is proven. Let it work for you. It’s zen and then again – a bit and a lot of what we do. We’ve always had emphasis on being content driven as in impacting, original and targeted copy. We were ready when panda came in so cute with it’s algorithm that really said no-no to ranking a website just based on individual pages. We were primed and ready to go when penguin waddled in because we never engaged in black-hat SEO techniques in the first place. Now that hummingbird hovers over our rankings, we stand unaffected. We started with good copy writing and proper data structure and so our SERP stayed consistent. We’re not one of those SEO companies that send you biased and (likely) doctored reports while off-shore assets spam keywords and provide content with little relevance to your business and towards the goal of improved conversion. Nope, we do all good and keep it honest. Oh yeah, we’re all white hat – always have been, always will be.

With a group comprised of team players dedicated to project management, development and programming, business analysis and marketing consulting, your web and internet assets can be managed efficiently, quickly and cost effectively. InvidMedia provides web and internet services spanning many industries and organizations from tier one electronics retail to educational organizations such as UC, Davis. This spread of eclectic clients has give us valuable experience in the focus of designing what your business needs and who you are targeting as much as it has given us spot on timing in terms of project deliverables. Our value proposition lies in our consolidation of web development with marketing services that work with your business to create a successful web presence. Contact us today is see how well we’ll fit within your budget and deadline requirements.